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As a leading importer and specialist in alcoholic beverages since 2009, we stand out as one of the few companies in Jordan dedicated to this field. Serving as both a brand agency and wholesaler, we bring a wide range of exceptional alcoholic products to the local market.

With a majority stake in the alcoholic beverages industry in Irbid City, the second largest metropolitan city in Jordan, as well as in Mafraq City and the capital city of Amman, we continuously strive to expand our portfolio and further solidify our position in the market. This has resulted in the successful promotion of our brands and a significant increase in our market share across Jordan. New Brands has achieved 100% coverage of the Jordanian market.


At New Brands, innovation and exploration drive our continuous growth. We are dedicated to exploring new products and establishing trust and respect with everyone we engage with.

Committed to delivering exceptional consumer experiences, we are actively expanding our presence within Jordan to reach a wider audience and enhance our sales network.

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